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Liv Cycling

Bikes for Women, By women, with women

Liv Cycling is a leading manufacturer of bicycles, clothing, parts, and accessories for women. Liv puts women first in everything it does - to make cycling more accessible and welcoming to women all over the world. And what they're doing is pretty special.

Liv is women-powered—from its founder to the global team behind the brand today. It is the only women’s brand that makes its own bikes in-house from start to finish. The bikes, clothing, parts, and accessories are all then tested by women riders - including elite cyclists competing on the world stage. 

Bikes for women

Liv builds its bikes (and everything else it makes) based on women's data. Its frame sizes aren’t simply smaller or larger versions of each other. Each size is custom-designed with the ideal geometry for a specific height range and the intended ride experience. The right size and proportions mean better fit, of course, but also improved handling and less fatigue.

By Women

Liv was founded by Bonnie Tu when she realized she couldn't find bikes and gear that fit and performed well for her. She founded Liv, with the support of its brother-brand Giant. 

Since its inception, women have been at the core (and the helm) of Liv. The brand supports a range of elite female athletes and is dedicated to supporting women every chance it gets. 

With Women

Liv is working to get more women on bikes, on the podium, and at the table. So it teams up with women at every level of cycling, in every discipline, around the world, because they help Liv make its bikes—and the sport—even better.

In short, Liv is on a mission to make cycling a mainstream sport and fitness activity
among women and girls. When you ride a Liv bike, you’re investing in women.

Liv Bikes for Women

Liv Clothing For Women