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Cycling Gloves

Do Your Hands a Favor

Cycling gloves meet a variety of riders’ needs. If you’ve ever shopped for cycling gloves, you may have been overwhelmed by the sheer number of options available. There are cropped and full coverage options, road and mountain; gloves for protection, comfort, or warmth; gloves designed to fit all hand shapes, sizes, and personal styles. We’ve broken down the types of riding and offered advice for choosing the right pair of gloves to meet your needs.

Cycling Glove Fit

Cycling gloves should fit snugly without being uncomfortable. A slim-fitting glove with minimal excess material is helpful for:

  • Retaining the dexterity needed to operate brake and shift levers.
  • Avoiding bunching around the palm while riding. 
  • Wicking moisture effectively.
  • Minimizing vibrations from your handlebars.

Visit our store and try on a few pairs to find your perfect fit, or measure your hands and reference sizing charts when shopping online.

* We do recommend trying cropped road gloves in store. The fit around the fingers can be tight, depending on your finger width. 

Commuter Cycling Gloves

If winter commuting is in your forecast, there’s a large variety of gloves available for guarding against the cold and wind. Although similar in appearance to standard winter gloves, they’re designed with shapes and textures that make it easier to brake and shift. Offering maximum warmth, “Lobster”-style gloves feature a split finger design with two warmth-sharing compartments that provide some of the benefits of mitts while retaining the ability to operate your gears, brakes, and dropper post (if you've got one).

Commuters looking for a summer glove usually use the thinner road-style gloves (if any). These gloves offer light compression, protection from the sun (if they're UPF-rated), and may dull the vibrations from your handlebars.

Mountain Bike Gloves

Mountain bike gloves are designed to protect your hands in the event of a crash and help avoid slippage on the grips when you turn the heat up (or, lets be honest, while you're climbing). They're carefully designed to ensure you don't lose dexterity for operating brake and shift levers. or the dropper post. Note: It is important to find the right fit if you want to avoid bunching on the palm.

Many include features such as shock-absorbing pads for rough trails, added protection on the backside to guard against brushes with trail-adjacent obstacles, as well as built-in breathability, slip-resistant grippers, and touch-screen fingertips. We're also seeing an increased number of MTB gloves with D30 or similar protections built into the knuckles.

Recreational Road Gloves

Road cycling gloves fall into two primary categories of padded and non-padded, with short and long finger options of both. Gloves with pads or gel inserts are designed to provide a little extra cushion between the soft spots of your palm and your handlebars. If tingling, numbness, or pain in your hands is initiating your glove search, be aware that other causes (such as a poor-fitting bike) may be the root cause of the issue. Be sure to mention this the next time you’re in our store if you’re experiencing any of these issues.

Performance Road Gloves

Non-padded gloves are geared more towards performance and racing and are intended to reduce injury in the event of a crash. Many experienced cyclists find that riding bare-handed is most comfortable, but if you’re planning aggressive riding on varied surfaces or riding in a pack, even a thin glove can go a long way in protecting your hands should a crash occur.

Start Your Cycling Glove Search


Enjoy your ride with gloves that fit right and function well. Check out our online catalog, but if you're unsure about which gloves are right for you, don't hesitate to come visit us in store and we'll help you find your perfect pair!