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eBIKE SERVICing and repairs

Cyclepath kelowna’s professional e-bike technicians are highly skilled, experienced, and extremely knowledgeable about electric bikes…

Here at Cyclepath Kelowna, we want you out on your eBikes as often as possible. 

For optimal performance over time, you should regularly maintain and service your eBike. Repairs should be attended to promptly too so you can be sure you aren't risking your own health and safety or damaging your bike . 

Is Servicing an EBike different to servicing a regular bike? 

Yes, and no.

Servicing and repairs for ebikes can be split into two categories: mechanical and electrical. 

The mechanical component of the servicing and repairs is the same as a regular bike. The components and geometry change slightly to cater for the extra weight and room the electrical components take up, but otherwise eBikes have the same casettes, brakes, handlebars, and grips regular bikes have.

BUT servicing the electrical components is different, since regular bikes don't have the electrical system.

Additionally, not all ebike systems are created equally.

We are a service center for electric-assist bikes with Bosch, Shimano, or Yamaha Drive units onlyThis means we only repair bikes with the battery positioned on the downtube on the bike.  

We are not equipped to work on the electrical components of hub drive motor units. We will service mechanical repairs and flat tire repairs for hub-drive units on a case by case basis only. Again, we will not work on the electrical system or address power/performance issues for hub-drive ebikes. 

If you bought your bike from us, we're equipped to service it. If you bought it from many of the other reputable bike specialty retailers in town, there's a good chance we'll service it too. If you're not sure whether it's a hub-drive motor unit, reach out and we'll let you know.