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Surviving the Winter

Thrive During Winter go By Bike Week

Set yourself up for success this winter - all you need is the right equipment and a plan. We have a great selection of cold weather gear and accessories to help you bundle up in breathable gear and avoid the grit, wet, and wind that comes with the winter season. If cycling outdoors doesn't take your fancy, we have a range of indoor trainers too. 

Find our tips and tricks for not just surviving, but thriving during Winter Go By Bike week. 

Who knows, with the right kit, you might even feel more prepared to make cycling a year-round activity. 

Shop Essential Winter Cycling Apparel

The longer you stay warm and dry, the longer you'll want to keep riding. This is what we recommend looking for in your winter gear.

Winter Gloves

The gloves pictured are water resistant, others are fleece-lined and phenomenally warm. All of them make cycling in winter much more comfortable.

Shop Fox Ranger Gloves

Windproof Jacket

With strategic waterproofing, strong performance in the wind,  and magnets which make removing and adding the sleeves simple, we're really big fans of the Sugoi Versa jackets.

Skull Cap / Headband

Wind protection and breathability are so important for your winter warmers - particularly when it comes to your head.


Fenders protect you and your gear from the worst of the grit and wet that your tires pick up. They'll help you avoid muddy stripes up your back and gravel in your eyes. 

Saddle Bags

These dual saddle bags give you a dry place to stash your change of clothes, the groceries you just picked up, and so much more. They are spacious, water-resistant, vegan, eco-conscious, durable, and reflective.

Merino Socks

Merino socks keep your feet warm, even if the wet somehow seeps in. The Garneau Drytex Merino sock wicks sweat while supporting your feet. Merino is odor resistant, thermoregulating, and comfortably soft to boot.

Shop Merino Socks


360-degree protection from the worst of winter. These neoprene shoe covers will keep your toes toasty and dry for your cold or wet-weather kms. 

Garneau Thermal Pro Shoe Covers

Axiom Packs

Axiom's Oceanweave packs are made from recycled fishing nets. They're waterproof, have tons of pockets, and are intelligently designed. There's a pack for every commuter. 

Shop Axiom

Shop Indoor Trainers

Ride inside all year long.

Shop Indoor Trainer Accessories

Complete your home studio setup.