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Kids' Bikes

Stoke Their Cycling Passion

Get ready to share the joys of exploring the neighborhood and beyond on two wheels with your family! No matter what age or stage your kiddo is at we can help you find just the right bike and protective gear for them. Inspire confidence, encourage determination and give the gift of discovery. 

Roll out the door with one of our kids' bikes today.

The Right-Sized Kids' Bike

Children's bikes are sized by wheel size, not frame height or length.

  • 12-Inch wheels Kids' Bikes 

Built for kids with a 14-20 inch inseam (1-4 years)

  • 16-Inch wheels Kids' Bikes

Built for kids with a 19-23 inch inseam (3-6 years)

  • 20-Inch wheels Kids' Bikes 

Built for kids with a 22-25 inch inseam (5-8 years)

  • 24-Inch wheels Kids' Bikes 

Built for kids with a 24-28 inch inseam (8-12 years)

Once your kid is taller than 4'10", they can fit a (small or XS) adult frame. 

Keeping Kids Safe on Bikes

The first step in keeping your kid(s) safe on a bike is making sure their bike fits them. Your child should be able to touch the ground when standing over the top tube of the bike and must be able to comfortably reach the bars and brakes. 

Helmets, a bell, lights/reflectors also are essential to keep your kid safe while they ride. Body armour and additional bike safety features (like chain guards) can also limit the risk of injury. 

Once you have the right-sized bike and the safe-riding essentials, it's your turn! You must teach your child to ride safely. Need some help teaching your kid to ride a bike? Check out the guide created by one of our bike manufacturers, Liv Cycling: 

Read the Guide to Teaching Kids to Ride

Types of Kids' Bikes

We stock a wide range of kids' bikes so we can get young riders on a bike that works for them, including the following: 

  • Run bikes / balance bikes

  • Bikes with training wheels

  • Kids' mountain bikes

  • Kids' BMX bikes

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