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Commuter Bikes

Commuter Bike

Commuter bikes are a tough breed to pin down. If you ride to work on your bike, and we’d love it if you did, then it’s a commuter bike. Despite the fact that commuters choose every style of bike available to reach their 9 to 5, bike companies have filled the proverbial gap in the market with their own versions of the perfect commuter.

The bike itself usually looks something like a mountain bike crossed with a tourer mated with a road bike. A slightly chunkier frame that retains some graceful lines; a more comfortable seat and riding position matched to a taller straight handlebar for ease of control.

Work clothes seem to be an important factor to consider when designing a commuter. The bikes sport long fenders to keep rain and bleurgh! at bay and your clothes free of the long black streak up your jacket that defines a wet weather cyclist. The chain, usually keen to get up close and personal with your pant leg, is covered with a plastic or metal guard, ensuring your work clothes remain free of the dreaded chain tattoo. They don’t look sporty, but they have a restrained elegance befitting the eco friendly office worker. Add a slim rack above the back wheel, strap on your work bag and beat the traffic jams.

Examples of Commuter bikes: Giant Escape, Giant Alight