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The Best Mountain Bike Trails in Crawford, Kelowna

Mountain bikers in Kelowna are spoiled for choice at the Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park - lovingly referred to as Crawford. The trail network is extensive and it has something for everyone. There are cross-country trails, rolling dirt trails (that turn quickly to dust in summer), and even a 'rainforest' trail that would seem more at home in North Vancouver. Amongst them, you'll find a range of black, blue, and green trails. And a bunch of natural features that give you plenty of opportunities to hone your skills. Oh - and the beautiful views overlooking Kelowna and the lake!

But if you don't know where you're going, you might quickly find yourself out of your depth. The difficulty of the blue trails does vary from quite light blue to dark blue - which can be off putting if you're looking to progress. 

Find the trails best suited to you here, whatever your level.

Mountain Bike Trails in Crawford For Beginners


Intermediate Mountain Bike Trails in Crawford 

Crawford is an incredible place to improve your mountain biking skills if you're an intermediate rider. You'll get plenty of practice climbing. You won't be afraid of dusty trails for long. And there are so many features you can use to gauge your progress! But, it pays to be a little careful because the blue trails aren't all created equally! 

Your first time to Crawford

If you've found your feet at Knox and you're looking to step it up, we'd recommend starting on some of the lower loops. Check out Spring Bypass to challenge yourself on the way up. Then head down Jeckyll or Hyde to get used to the terrain. 

Pipers to Fairlane is a great first long loop

Pipers has a little bit of everything Crawford has to offer. There are some chunky rocks, some steeper (not super steep) shoots, a few technical climbs, and two short uphill sections that you'll likely end up walking. 

Other Trails for Progressing Beginners or Early Intermediate Riders

  • Boris 
  • Heckle 
  • Pipers 
  • Fairlane
  • Outhouse 
  • Grassy
  • Lower Connector (it's black because of the upper section)
  • Lower Earring (the top section is very chunky and a dark blue).

When You're Ready - Try the Darker Blue Trails

You'll want to practice on the easier blues before tackling these: 

  • Crawford DH
  • Lookout Trail
  • Surf'N'Turf
  • Upper Earring. 

Hillbilly and Race Classic are lighter blacks, so look to those for your next challenge once you've mastered cruising the blues!

Crawford Trails on

The toughest mountain bike Trails in Crawford

Vapour on

Our Very Own: Vapour trail

Vapour is sponsored by Cyclepath - and it's one hell of a ride. It's got endless tech, plenty of drops, and a lot of chunky rocks for you to test your skills on. But! Most of the features have quite a few lines running through them, so you can work up to the optional drops and trickier lines at your own pace. 

There are usually walk arounds if you don't want to tackle a feature - but some are a steep. 

Accessing Vapour Trail

Vapour Trail is accessible as a shuttle ride or as part of a longer loop. You'll need to climb to the KVR from the Crawford carpark if you want to ride all of Vapour - but there are several points along the way you can jump on if you're done with the climb. 

Once you hit the bottom of Vapour (marked by our signage), you'll still need to make your way back to the carpark. We recommend Connector if you're still up for challenge!

Full Angel Springs from the KVR on

Angel Springs Mountain Bike Trail

Angel Springs is a really unique trail. It has all the roots and rainforest-feels you'd expect of the North Shore, packed in with some steep shoots and exposed canyons. 

It's one of the tougher rides in Crawford. You want to be sure you're ready to commit to the steep stuff because walking them is tough! But, if you've gotten comfortable on Crawford DH - it's a great step up! 

Accessing Angel Springs

Angel Springs is accessible as a shuttle ride or as part of quite a long loop. 

There are two entries, the one listed on Trailforks (pictured to the right) - which is a darker blue entry. There's also an entry point known locally as 'the shortcut'. It's not visible on Trailforks, but you can view it here if you're curious. This is a steeper, more technical entry (and one of the trickier parts of the entire trail) but if you're looking to get rowdy, it's a ton of fun.  

You can park at the base and climb up Myra Bailout if you're ready to commit to a very steep climb. If not, you'll need to climb to the KVR from the Crawford carpark, then ride back along the roads once you hit the bottom of the Angel Springs trail. It's a loop that has got it all for anyone with endurance.

Rocky Screech on

Rocky Screech MOuntain Bike Trail

Rocky Screech is widely considered the toughest trail in Crawford. It's definitely a dark black for Kelowna, and it's well worth taking a moment to look before you leap on the two technical sections on the trail. 

If you're sure you're up to the challenge, you'll find mandatory drops, chunky rock rolls, tight (TIGHT) turns, and a whole bag of fun. The trail is over before you blink, but it packs a punch into a very short section of trail. 

The blue line that runs alongside the trail makes this an awesome offshoot for riders at different levels: advanced riders can go find your thrill on the black trail while your intermediate buddies can navigate the blue offshoot. 

Accessing Rocky Screech

Since this trail is so short, it's usually tacked onto the end of a longer ride. Access is easiest from the end of Connector.