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Cyclepath's Fall Cycling Gear Guide

The leaves are changing colours, the days are getting shorter, and it's getting a little harder to nail getting dressed for outdoor activities. With the right gear though, you can get excited for fall biking! We've created this guide to fall cycling clothing, to keep you out on your bike for longer this year. 

Cycling Clothing for Fall

Cycling comfortably in Fall is all about laying your clothing. The challenge isn't finding layers, it's finding layers you can easily shove in your jersey pocket or bar bag once you're done. 

Here's how we do it: 

  • Packable cycling jacket (there are specific jackets for off-road and road cycling)
  •  Headband or toque for under your helmet
  • Arm warmers
  • Knee/Leg warmers
  • Cold-weather gloves
  • Shoe or toe warmers
  • Neck tube/ buff
  • Cooler-weather socks

As you can see, none of these layers take up much space (except maybe the neoprene boots). They are designed to be flexible to keep you cycling through Fall. 

Scroll down to find out more.

Weatherproof jackets for fall riding

Your outer layer should protect from wind and light rain, while remaining breathable enough for the changing temperatures we're lucky enough to have here in the Okanagan Fall. Depending on when you typically opt to ride, it can be worthwhile choosing brighter colours so you stand out at sunrise, sunset, or after dark. Even if you usually ride during daylight hours, consider getting a jacket with reflective details on them. It never hurts to stand out a little more on the roads.

We have a range of Sugoi Versa Jackets in a range of colours. These jackets easily transition from a long-sleeve jacket to vest so you can easily adapt to changing temperatures (and be prepared for whatever Mother Nature has to throw at you). Incredibly, the sleeves are attached to the vest using magnets, making it quick and easy to pull the sleeves off after you leave the house. It is water-repellent on the front, waterproof on the back, and comes with plenty of zippered pockets so you can stow the sleeves and any essentials.

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There are also a range of Fox and Troy Lee jackets in stock for anyone who wants something a little more rugged for off-road adventures.


Not sure whether to wear a long-sleeve jersey or short-sleeve? Get the best of both worlds with arm warmers. These slide on and off easily and pack a ton of warmth into a pretty packable amount of material. Opt for fleece-lined warmers if you're planning on climbing up higher and remaining there, or if you run particularly cold. Otherwise, choose the lighter arm sleeves for fuller coverage without the fleece. 

Knee Warmers

We have knee and leg sleeves in stock that will keep your legs toasty warm for early morning starts and cooler-than-expected afternoons. You can slide them down to cool off for a while, or take them off completely once the day heats up. They pack down well for easy storage in your jersey pockets too! 


Keeping your hands warm while riding in fall is quite the challenge. Hot hands get sweaty on the climb, which makes the cold on the descent really uncomfortable.

Wind-resistant, reflective, water-resistant, and fleece-lined - these Brisker gloves are a staff favourite cause they keep you toasty warm without the drama. We have a range of gloves from other leading brands too.  

Another tip: Throw some hockey tape on your brake levers when it starts getting cold. The metal levers hold the cold, so adding an insulating layer can really save your fingers. 

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Shoe Covers

Shoe covers keep your toes from freezing over in those breezy clip shoes. Don't worry, they work for flat pedal shoes too - so you can keep your feet warm no matter if you're on team clips or team flat pedals. 

Depending on the brand and style you get, they may be windproof, water resistant - or both. They often have reflective details to help you be seen in spells of poor weather or when the sun is down. 

If you're looking to give your toes a break without overheating, we have a wide range of toe covers too. 

Bike Lights

You need lights for more than just seeing the road in front of you past dark. You need lights to be seen by drivers and other cyclists - even when it's bright out. And you need lights to be ready in the changing weather conditions that come with the arrival of Fall. 

Since the goal is to see and be seen, it's worthwhile to invest in lights for the front and rear of your bike. Most modern lights are rechargeable via USB and come with the ability to flash or display a steady stream of light. You can adjust these on the fly to factor for changing light conditions. 

Remember: lights are a small upfront cost to pay for visibility and safety year-round.