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e-Bikes at cyclepath kelowna

Woman riding Liv Tempt E+ e-mountain bike (hardtail) across a gravel path through a grassy field


It’s no surprise to us that e-bikes have exploded in popularity over the past years. Electric-assist bikes let you discover a different side of Kelowna. The wide spaces, steep hills, and meandering roads that surround us here offer the perfect terrain for electric-assist bikes. 

In fact, even the City of Kelowna workers are using electric assist bicycles to get around town and visit job sites without having to burn gasoline and add wear and tear to the city’s vehicles.

We carry an exciting and innovative range of e-bikes:

Middle-aged man wearing a helmet riding blue road ebike on paved road up a slight hill


Road e-bikes unlock new routes for anyone looking to expand their horizons. Pedalling along the flat, you’ll feel like you’ve got a gentle breeze at your back. You’ll get a workout on the uphill, but you’ll have a little more left to give after the climb. Range is often prioritized with road e-bikes to keep you out on the roads for longer. 

Road e-bikes are perfect for anyone wanting to keep up with a faster partner, friend, or child. They also make a great choice for people looking to explore further or for longer and to finish off stronger. 

Road e-bike models we carryGiant Road E+ 1 Pro 29 
Woman wearing a white helmet riding a white ebike commuter with pannier bags and a rack through houses


Commuter e-bikes get you wherever you need to go with a smile on your face. You’ll arrive with less effort, more speed, and more energy for whatever comes next. 

Commuter e-bikes are perfect for anyone who would prefer to bike to work daily, but might not have the time or energy to put into pedalling. They’re great if you want to be able to bike to your engagements without needing a shower at the end. Picture cycling between wineries or making your way along Abbott Street before brunch.  

Commuter e-bikes we carry: The Momentum E-Bike Range, FastRoad E+ Ex Pro, Thrive E+ Ex  

They can be fitted out with fenders and weather-resistant panniers for spring and fall commutes

Woman and man riding x-road e-bikes along a dirt and gravel path in the grassy wilderness


X-road bikes take the best parts of road bikes and the best parts of mountain bikes, then throw in a powerful hub-drive battery. Bumpy roads seem smoother, long stretches are more fun, and trails become more accessible.

These versatile bikes are perfect for anyone looking to explore the roads less travelled around the Okanagan. They’re waiting.

X-road ebikes we carry: Roam E+, Liv Amiti E+, Revolt E+, Explore E+ 
Man wearing helmet riding an e-mountain bike on a dusty mountain trail doing a skid


Electric mountain bikes are one of the fastest growing segments in the e-bike market. Mountain bikers love having the power to explore the steepest, gnarliest sections of trail over and over again. You’ll have the power to go harder for longer, honing those hard-earned skills you need to slay trails all the while. 

E-MTBs are perfect for any mountain biker who wants to hone old skills, learn new ones, or spend more time on the trails. They’ll give you the confidence to tackle steeper climbs, chunkier rocks, and rougher terrain. 

E-Mountain Bikes we carry: Santa Cruz Heckler, Giant Reign E+, Giant Trance E+, Giant Stance E+, Liv Intrigue X E+

Want to learn more about riding an E-Bike?

Read our e-Bike FAQ page.

Learn about using e-Bikes in BC Parks.

And, check out Giant’s E-Bike Guides – it covers topics including Maintenance, how to climb & descend on an E-MTB and more!

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