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Fat Bikes


Fat bikes are your key to winter biking in the Okanagan. 

Their high traction, super wide tires give you the confidence to ride on any surface in any season.

Imagine accessing your favourite biking trails in Crawford and Knox year round. Or making your way safely along the Mission Greenway in the stunning stillness that winter brings. 

That's your reality with a fat bike from Cyclepath Kelowna.

What are fat bikes?

Fat bikes are off-road bikes with oversized tires that are more than twice the width of regular mountain bike tires. The advantage of these tires is that they roll over landscapes that other bikes sink into. 

Fat bikes make off-road terrain fun!

They're used to traverse some of the most extreme terrains in the world, including the Sahara Desert and along the Iditarod race course in Alaska. 

But their extreme capability doesn't mean that they're exclusively for extreme riders.  

Fat bikes are perfect for anyone who wants to access off-road biking year round.

More often than not, fat bikes are hard tail bikes. This means that they have front suspension, but no rear shock. The dampening effect of the huge tires means that rear suspension isn't a necessity for the average fat bike rider.


Fat bikes are the perfect companion for year round trips to off-road terrain. They float over snow, mud, rocks, roots, sand, dirt, and gravel. Basically, wherever and whenever you want to go, they're ready.

Their mega tires also give them mega grip so you can feel confident handling the bike in conditions that don't suit mountain bikes. And while the bikes do tend to use 27.5" wheels, the added volume in the fat tires means they plough over rough and chunky sections of trail - much like 29ers on mountain bikes. 


Fat bikes work well for beginners looking to get into off-road biking. Their fat, grippy tires give you the confidence you need to try new things as you discover off-road biking. And they're available at an approachable pricing point, so there aren't significant barriers to entry!

We'd recommend a fat bike for anyone looking to explore the fantastic trail networks around Kelowna across all four of our seasons.

Person in red winter jacket riding a Giant Yukon fat bike down a gentle slope in winter with sunset in background

Fat Bike Tire Pressure

You'll need to run your tire pressure quite low in deeper snow. 5 PSI is usually more than enough in the depths of winter. 

This super low pressure will give you tons of grip and help you float in the snow, but it amplifies the amount of work you need to put in to get the bike rolling. 

You can run higher tire pressure when you bike on dirt and gravel, and even higher again if you take it on paved paths. 

Check your tires for their maximum PSI. It should be listed on the tire wall for your convenience.

If you have any questions about your tire pressure, don't hesitate to reach out to us!

visit our store to test ride a fat bike  

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