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Mountain Biker on Knox Mountain

Knox Mountain Park

XC, All Mountain, DH

How many cities can boast that they have great mountain bike trails three minutes from downtown? Very few. The riding at Knox Mtn. is better than ever, with new, mountain bike specific trails that range from fast and flowy, wide-open singletrack, to big jumps and steep, rocky descents. Whether you ride up, or prefer to shuttle, Knox is a great escape for a few quick laps!

Knox Mountain Park on

Eric mountain biking in Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park

Myra-Bellevue Park (Crawford)

XC, All Mountain, DH

Myra-Bellevue Provincial Park offers the largest network of trails in the Central Okanagan. We ride here all the time and we’re still find new trail combinations that make us giddy!

Drop by the shop, grab a trail map and we’d be happy to suggest a loop or two or three… Or, join us Tuesday evenings (May-Aug) on our shop rides and we’ll show you around!

Please keep in mind that this is a multi-use park, so watch out for hikers and horses!

Crawford Trails on


Freeride, DH

Probably the best known trail system in the Okanagan, Gillard has been featured in magazines and mountain bike films since the early-2000s. These are some of the most difficult and technically demanding trails in the area. Full-face helmets and body armour are mandatory.

Most of the terrain is rocky and steep with beautifully built, man-made features sprinkled throughout most trails. Total commitment is required for most of these stunts, so look before you leap!

Shuttle up Gillard Forest Service Road to access these jems.

Gillard on

Powers Creek

All Mountain, Freeride, DH

A fun group of trails that follow the ridge high above Powers Creek Canyon. Great views and fast, flowy, descents.

These trails were originally built with all kinds of man-made features – a suspension bridge, a spiralling ramp, teeter-totters, skinnies and some very big step-downs.

In recent years these trails have been a little neglected and most of these features are now in various states of disrepair. BE CAREFUL and inspect each stunt BEFORE you ride it!

Powers Creek on

Smith Creek

XC, All Mountain, Freeride, DH

Climb, climb, climb… and you’ll be rewarded with one of the sweetest descents around!

Smith Creek is a small, but growing, group of trails. It’s local favourite. There’s no undulating terrain here. It’s all up, then all down. Singletrack all the way, though, with many switchbacks to ease the climb. Much of the trail down criss-crosses a ravine, back-and-forth, back-and-forth, with plenty of berms and jumps thrown in along the way! You’ll be smiling all day long.

Smith Creek on

McDougall Rim

XC, All Mountain

McDougal Rim is another one that starts with a grunt of a climb. 11km of crappy doubletrack, approximately. But, once you reach the top you’ll be treated to spectacular views and sweet, flowy XC singletrack that will keep you smiling the rest of the day.

This is a very popular hiking area, as well, so please be kind and share the trail.

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Mountain biking at Rose Valley, West Kelowna

Rose Valley

XC, All Mountain

The riding at Rose Valley Regional Park just keeps getting better! New trails are popping up all the time. The riding on the far-side of the lake, below McDougal Rim, feels like you’re miles civilization. Beautiful vistas and killer singletrack make this another local favourite – especially for early season riding.

Rose Valley on

Glenmore Highlands

XC, All Mountain

Plenty of trails are scattered along the ridge above Glenmore, but the network is becoming fragmented due to development in the area. There’s a mixture of singletrack and doubletrack. Nothing too technical. Just fun trails – a great place for newer riders to practice their skills.

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Mountain biker on wall ride at Postill


All Mountain, Freeride, DH

Like Gillard, Postill offers big freeride stunts – including a MASSIVE wall-ride! – and technical, natural terrain. There are only a couple trails, but what Postil lacks in quantity is more than made up for in quality! These are some of the most fun DH/Freeride trails around.

It’s also one of the shortest shuttles in town, so you can get in a lot of laps in minimal time. Which is a good thing, because, as the name of the original trail suggests, ‘Addiction’, you’ll get hooked hard and fast.

In recent years these trails have been a little neglected and most of these features are now in various states of disrepair. BE CAREFUL and inspect each stunt BEFORE you ride it!

Postill on