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Nordica Enforcer 110 w/ Griffon 13 TCX
an awesome ski that absolutely rips off-piste terrain like powder, big mountain lines, chopped up snow, and just about anything you decide to point it towards. Nordica uses a balsa wood core throughout the ski, which helps keep the weight down. This is then supported by two sheets of titanal sandwiched around the core of the ski. The result is a ski that's maneuverable and relatively lightweight, but still has all the power of two sheets of metal. Aggressive skiers will love the damping properties and stability of the Enforcer 110, while those that ski a little slower will be pleasantly surprised how maneuverable the ski is. If you're the type of skier that's always seeking out off-piste terrain and conditions you need a ski like this in your quiver. The 110 mm waist width is also plenty wide enough for even the deepest powder days. When there isn't any soft snow and you find yourself on a groomer or a cat track you'll be impressed by the ski's ability to lay down carving turns thanks to the camber underfoot and the torsional stiffness provided by the metal laminates. Truly an impressive freeride ski!
Nordica Enforcer 93
An excellent carving ski designed to get you going fast. Traditionally built with two full sheets of Titanal over a wood core, this ski rewards its user with confidence everywhere on the mountain.
Nordica Santa Ana 88
$489.99 - $699.99
A hard-charging ski built for racing down groomers but can hold its own on deeper days.
K2 Fulluvit 95 TI
Looking for a do-it-all ski that has the guts to handle high speeds and mixed-bag conditions? Then turn your attention to the K2 Fulluvit 95 Ti Skis. Their 95mm waist and combination of Titanal laminate, tapered shape and all-terrain rocker is about as versatile as it gets. Railing down groomers? Check. Weaving through tight trees? Check. Blasting powder laps? Check. The K2 Fulluvit 95 Ti Skis are a light, stiff, and incredibly fun choice for advanced lady skiers.
K2 Mindbender 90 TI
$454.99 - $649.99
When soft snow is in short supply, turn to the Mindbender 90Ti. The 90Ti stands apart thanks to a narrower waist width. The result is a ski that has the precision edge hold you need to dominate the hardpack, but is still wide enough for forays into the ungroomed.
K2 Mindbender W 88TI
The women’s-specific Mindbender 88Ti is the perfect companion for when you’re in the mood to rip, but soft snow isn’t on the menu.
K2 Pinnacle 88
The K2 Pinnacle 88 Skis provide a fantastic all-mountain platform for advanced to expert skiers. Whether you're lapping groomers or dipping in and out of gladed soft serve, the Pinnacle 88s let you take control of your skiing with their versatile combination of low swing weight, all-terrain rocker and a perimeter titanal laminate for stability and power at higher speeds.
K2 Poacher
For freestyle riders who love ripping natural terrain as much as they love showing off in the park and pipe, the K2 Poacher Skis are the premiere jack of all trades. A light and durable fir and aspen core drives an all-terrain twin rocker shape for playfulness while the carbon reinforcements bring power and pop to your all-terrain game. Play in the sculpted features or carve up your own lines on the K2 Poacher Skis.
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$454.99 - $649.99
With its mix of lightweight maneuverability and confidence-inspiring stability, the highly rated Head Total Joy Skis will turn your next ski season into your best ever. The Total Joy uses LYT Tech construction and a Karuba wood core to keep the mass to a minimum and make quick turns and bumps a breeze. This is a ski designed specifically with women in mind, and sidecut and camber have been adjusted accordingly.
Head V-SHAPE V10 LYT w/ PRD12 Gripwalk Binding
The V10 is within the Allride Series from Head. Made for advanced skiers who seek a light-on-weight ski that's heavy on performance. Top of the line construction from head make the V Shape V10 for 2019/20 a ski to focus on.
Head V-SHAPE V4 XL w/ PR11 GripWalk Binding
The V-Shape 4 XL gives you extra confidence as an advanced skier. Thanks to its extra width, you will feel fully at ease on your first adventures off piste.
Faction Prodigy 2.0
The Faction Prodigy 2.0 Skis stomp their way into the lead in the all-mountain freestyle category with a versatile directional twin shape and mid-fat 98 mm waist. This is Faction's go-to option for progressive riders who don't want to spend their whole day in the park but don't want to be held back by a wide, powder oriented ski the rest of the time.
Blizzard Black Pearl 98
The Blizzard Black Pearl 98 Skis give all-mountain skiers who love the precise versatility and user-friendly personality of the Black Pearl series a wider, more powder oriented platform. The 98mm platform is a great choice for experienced women skiers who gravitate toward the soft stuff when it's available but need good edgehold and stability on the groomed as well.
Blizzard Cochise
A big-mountain set of snow sticks for advanced skiers who know how to commit. Very stable at high speed, good edge hold, excellent performance in powder.
Blizzard RUSTLER 10
A strong ski designed to play as well as it slays. Solid mix of performance characteristics.
Nordica Patron
Featuring a solid flex thanks to carbon reinforcements and lively feel due to the cambered section underfoot, these fatties will soon be your go-to whips when you want to blast pow, hit airs, and rail turns
K2 Gottaluvit 105ti
The K2 Gottaluvit 105 Ti Skis float through powder just as easily as they slice through variable snow. A potent freeride weapon for experienced female skiers, the Gottaluvit 105 Ti is one of those skis you'll never think twice about dropping in with. All-terrain rocker Tapered tip-tail All-mountain
K2 Pinnacle 105 Ti Skis
Make the whole mountain your domain on the K2 Pinnacle 105 Ti Skis. Charge through it all thanks to a versatile rocker profile that hits just the right mix of float and maneuverability for a great time from groomers to powder. Built with a sturdy fir and composite core reinforced with a layer of metal for power, the K2 Pinnacle 105 Ti Skis are a daily driver best suited to aggressive skiing in a wide variety of conditions and terrain choices.
K2 Pinnacle 118 Ti Skis
A versatile, top-of-the-line powder ski built to play in the soft snow.
Faction Candide 1.0
The park and street savvy Faction Candide 1.0 Skis are born to take flight, and are ready to tackle a host of obstacles in the process. With burly XL 2.5 mm edges, a Carbon Stomp Pad to dampen the shock of hard landings, and a lively Poplar and Beech core, this 90 mm waisted ski really wants to leave the ground. You mission, should you choose to accept it, is to buy the Candide 1.0 and point it in the right direction.
Faction Candide 2.0
Equally at home in the park or high on a steep face, the Faction Candide 2.0 Skis feature true symmetrical twin shaping and a waist width that does everything well. Rip some groomers when they're smooth in the AM, spin a few laps through the BC trees, then head for the park in the afternoon to dial in the trick portfolio - all on one great pair of skis.
Blizzard RUSTLER 9
An all-mountain ski designed to be a one-ski-quiver for progressive freeride skiiers
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