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Keeping You Safe During the COVID-19 Pandemic

Cyclepath Kelowna is committed to your health and safety and the health and safety of our team. We've been working in line with the guidelines from WorkSafe BC and the requirements of our local and provincial government for the duration of the coronavirus pandemic. 

Here's what we're doing to keep you safe:

mandatory masks

We have masks available in store if you need one! You must wear one to enter the store. 

Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer should be used when you enter the store. It's available by the front door.

Social Distancing

6ft is about the length of an adult bike. Stay a bike's length away from our team and other customers!


We've increased the frequency of our cleaning. We use hospital-grade cleaner regularly on all high-touch surfaces.

Our COVID-19 Action Plan

Cyclepath’s Social Distancing Protocols 

Online Shopping

Prevention is better than a cure. We strongly urge you to order anything you need using our online store. At the very least, please take a look at our site first so you have a good idea of what you need and to limit browsing time. 

We have a dedicated queue for online purchases so you can avoid waiting in line! 

Masks Are Mandatory for Anyone Aged 12+

We require anyone aged 12+ to wear a mask to enter the store. If you're medically-exempt or otherwise don't want to wear a mask, we will gladly serve you outside.

Store Occupancy Limits 

We will continue to operate on a locked door basis. Upon arrival, please join the queue. One of our staff members will assist you as soon as they are available. 

Cones are placed out the front to ensure you remain 6 feet away from our other customers. 

We encourage just one member of your household to visit our store where practical. 

You’ll also note some of our staff wearing bright badges reminding you to keep your distance. These measures ensure that our store does not reach maximum occupancy while also allowing our staff to ensure that a safe distance is maintained from other staff and customers at all times. Bear with us while we navigate the store around other individuals.

Increased Hygiene & Safety Measures 

Hand Hygiene 

There’s hand sanitizer available for all our customers upon entry to the store and in the service area. Please use it. 

You’re also free to use our bathroom (and the hand soap) available in the back of our shop - just ask one of our staff and they’ll direct you. 

PPE, including disposable gloves and masks, is available for all our staff members. They have been alerted to the heightened risk of coronavirus and signage has been posted throughout the back of our store reminding everyone of proper hand hygiene. 

Our no handshake policy remains in place. 

Personal Hygiene 

We encourage staff and visitors to do the 5

1 HANDS: Wash them often 

2 ELBOW: Cough into it 

3 FACE: Wear a mask

4 SPACE: Keep safe distance 

5 HOME: Stay if you can OR if you’re unwell 

We’ve placed signs around the store to remind you!

Increased sanitation 

We’ve purchased sanitation supplies and are making sure to regularly wipe down high-touch areas (like our front desk and workspaces). Any touchpoints on bikes shown to our customers during their visit are also being sanitized. 

We have reopened our changing facilities. We remind our customers that anything they try on will need to be quarantined for a period of time and strongly urge them to try on only what they intend to purchase. 

We are accepting cash, credit, and debit cards at the moment. Though we encourage you to pay by card, where possible.

Delivery Services 

To protect the staff who deliver our items, we will call you upon arrival at your home and meet you outside. Please keep your distance while we’re there. 

We continue to offer pickup and delivery of bikes for maintenance and repair to vulnerable customers. Please call us to arrange this service.

After Hours eBike Appointments 

For vulnerable customers, we are offering after hours appointments for ebike purchases to ensure your safety. 

STAY HOME if you’re feeling unwell 

If you feel unwell or if you’ve been in contact with someone exhibiting symptoms of COVID-19, please stay at home. We’re happy to help you from a distance - get in touch with us by phone or email to make alternate arrangements. 

Our staff members are working under the same directions and are completing daily health checks as per provincial guidance. We understand we're responsible for keeping our customers safe too. Rest assured that we'll stay home if we aren’t well.

Education & Training 

Cyclepath Kelowna is working with our staff and customers to ensure everyone knows what’s going on. 

Our processes and procedures are highly visible. 


We’re placing signs around our store (and on our staff in the form of badges!). Please pay attention to them! They’re there to keep everyone safe. 

Staff Training 

Our staff have been trained in safe operating procedures and the social distancing requirements. 

Social Media 

We’ve been posting about our efforts to keep you and our staff safe. And we’ll continue to do so. 

Thanks for your patience over the past months and into the future as we all navigate the changes necessitated by the coronavirus pandemic.

Stay Safe!

Garry Norkum & The Cyclepath Team