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Team Riders


Dylan Roberts

Hometown: Kelowna ,BC

Years Riding: 2

Fleet: Devinci Wilson

Favourite Bike: Devinci Wilson

Favourite Local Ride: Silverstar, Powers Creek

Type of Riding: Downhill

Goals for this season: Accomplish as much as I can racing this BC cup season, and generally having fun riding my bike!

Sponsors: Cyclepath Kelowna


Jeremy Weiss

From: Kelowna, BC

Years Riding: 6

Fleet: Transition TOP, Blackmarket Killswitch

Favourite Bike: Transition TOP

Favourite Local Ride: Dreamland, Addiction, My house

Type of Riding: Slopestyle/ Dirt jumping

Goals for this season: Make some awesome edits, Compete in as many FMB competitions as I can and qualify at every competition

Sponsors: Cyclepath Kelowna, Dakine, Hygia, Industry Nine, MyPackage, NRG Enterprises, Pinnacle Elite Athlete


Ryan Varchol

Hometown: Summerland, BC

Years Riding: 4

Fleet: Devinci Wilson, Devinci Dixon

Favourite Bike: Devinci Wilson

Favourite Local Ride: Silverstar

Type of Riding: Downhill

Goals for this season: To have a consisten, injury free season. Podium at races in the Junior expert level. Traveling to new places, and meeting new people!

Sponsors: Cyclepath Kelowna


Kirk McDowall

Hometown: Anmore, BC

Years Riding: 14

Fleet: Transition TR450, Pivot Mach 5, Gas Gas TXT Pro

Favorite Bike: Transition TR450!

Favorite Local Ride: Silverstar

Goals for this year: Solid race runs, keep improving, stay healthy

Sponsors: Cyclepath Kelowna, Schwalbe


Stacey Smith

From: Winnipeg, MB

Years Riding: 6

Riding Type: XC

Fleet: Giant Anthem X1, Devinci CX 1, Trek Session 77

Favourite Bike: Giant Anthem X1

Favourite Local Ride: Smith Creek, Pipers, Vapour

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