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Sat. Feb. 18,1995: Cyclepath Kelowna, locally owned and operated, opens their doors as part of a Canada-wide bicycle franchise

May 1995: Womens-only & co-ed Cyclepath organized mountain bike rides started

Winter 95/96: Cyclepath carries fitness equipment over the winter

Winter 96/97: Cyclepath Bikes & Boards now selling snowboards over the winter

Fall 1998: Cyclepath franchise organization closes, Cylepath Kelowna now a fully independent store

Nov. 14, 1998: Cyclepath “spins off” the snowboard business and opens Deviate Board Shop

Aug, 2002: Cyclepath sells ownership in Deviate Board shop

Feb. 15, 2006: Cyclepath expands – now double the size at 6000 sq. feet

Oct. 2007: Warehouse purchased for bike storage and assembly – adding another 1500 sq. feet.

Summer 2008: Women’s-only and co-ed Cyclepath organized road bike rides started

April 2010: Attached 350 sq. feet of additional storage to shop

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