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Basic Trail Etiquette

With off-road riding it’s our responsibility to respect the environment and our fellow trail users. Following are a few basic rules that will help ensure that we minimize our impact to the trails and also allow everyone to enjoy the use of the trails.

  1. Ride only on open trails. Look for those lines which allow minimal disturbance to the trail, and respect trail and road closures and private property. Its far more fun and challenging to try to follow the natural trail line than to tear through everything in your way.
  2. Leave no trace. Never ride off the trail and try not to skid your tires. Never discard objects (food wrappings, tubes, etc.) and always strive to pack out more than you pack in.
  3. Always yield. Avoid surprising people or animals and show respect when passing. Anticipate that other trail users may be around the next corner or in blind spots.
  4. Control your bike. Know your ability and handle your bicycle accordingly. Excessive speed frightens people, gives mountain biking a bad name and results in trail closures.
  5. Never spook animals. Give them extra room and time to adjust to your presence. Leave ranch and farm gates as you find them.
  6. Plan ahead. Be self-sufficient at all times, keep your bike in good repair and carry supplies for weather changes.
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