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Rose Valley

rose-valley-lake2 Rose Valley is a regional park located on Kelowna’s Westside. Once over the bridge turn right at Westlake Road and continue up the hill to the public school on the left. Park on the street and ride in across the school ground to the trails directly behind the yard or access the network by entering on the trails just below the school area on the southwest facing slope. Trail branch off in both directions from here. To the left the trails head off into various loops around the slope back down towards the road. To the right the main trail climbs up steep terrain until it tops out by the end of the street you have parked on (another optional parking area for those wishing to miss the hard climb). The trail then turns left away from the road and descends down into Rose Valley.

From the bottom the trail winds around the reservoir to the right on flowing, fun cross country singletrack. Once around the other side of the reservoir the trail gets quite a bit more technical as it runs off camber along the bank of the lake. The loop ends at the Rose Valley Dam and heads back out to the road you came in on where you must climb back up to your vehicle and to the trails below the school off of Westlake Road. This ride rewards you with amazing scenery and tranquility. You truly feel like you are in the middle of nowhere in your own little valley. For those interested in a shorter version of this ride, just ride the first section around the lake and then turn around and come back the same way you entered. The entire loop takes about an hour and fifteen minutes and is shorter if you choose to come back the way you entered. The area also makes for a great family hike with great scenery and terrain.

Rose Valley is a mapped trail network. Drop by your local bike shop to pick up a “Trails of the Westside” map and ask for detailed directions.

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