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Power’s Creek

powers-creek-1 The Power’s Creek area is located near the top of Glenrosa Road (on the way up to Crystal Mountain Ski resort) in West Kelowna. Heading from Kelowna, turn right onto Glenrosa Road just southwest of West Kelowna’s town center (before the Connector highway turn off). The trails of Power’s Creek are shuttle runs so you will have to leave a vehicle at the big white church on the left side of Glenrosa Road. Drive up from here until you reach a right hand turn onto the only gravel road before the top (if you come to the ski hill you’ve gone too far). Trails drop in at the .5km, 2km and 3.5km marks along this road. Watch carefully for trail heads and small pull out areas to park nearby each.

.5km – Builders Only

About half a kilometer down the road you will come to a small pull off (not totally obvious so pay attention!) Park here, the trail drops in about 100m up the road. Expect numerous wooden stunts and many mid sized jumps. It’s strongly recommended to look before you leap on your first run, as this trail sees a lot of action and the wear and tear on the features is high.

2.5km Trail

This is the original bike trail that was adapted from the old hiking trail in the early ’90s. The trail splits in two almost immediately; the left line, Spiro, is longer and includes a suspension bridge,  the right is Stinky Pinky, which is shorter with more flow and a challenging spiral ramp.  Most of the original line has been rebuilt over the summer of 2009, improving flow and upgrading stunts.

3.5km Trail – Big Money

Don’t let that first stunt throw you. After airing it out on the ski jump, this leads through long skinnies buried deep in the woods, then follows the edge of the canyon before meeting up with the lower part of 2.5KM trails.

After approx 2km all of these trails meet up. You have an option to continue to the KBR trail – steeper singletrack that twists through the trees with a great freeride section for extra fun or you can divert to the right of the KBR sign, and go higher to a ride around section that turns downhill into a fast swooping rip.

Lower Trails

All the trails eventually hook up again at the bottom with an old ATV trail. If you’re on Builders Only, it’s obvious. If you came down the longer route, you can exit to the right on the small road where the large road gap is and hook into the lower part of Builders Only and all the lower jumps that entails. It’s about 1km on mainly downhill doubletrack. Or if you miss that particular turn you can ride the old hiking trail down Glen Canyon to the cement aqueduct that is your last chance to exit.  The ATV trail and the aqueduct eventually put you out into the Glenrosa neighborhood at the top of Webber road.

Powers Creek Trail Network is fully mapped so drop by your local shop to pick up a copy. It is on the same sheet as the Gillard network map.

powers-creek-2 Note that there is also an old XC trail at the 4.5KM mark. hard to find the entrance, this trail is an old gem. Wonderful canyon views, some uphill workout, and a sweet hard earned descent with some steep rocky technical sections.

On the lower part of all the trails, watch for dog walkers and hikers and use caution as you ride down the open ATV trail.

The trails of this area, like many in the Okanagan, are dry and loose in mid-summer and consequently can be very challenging. Like any trail with wooden stunts, look before you leap as things are not always as you may think and occasionally there are broken stunts that could cause injury. Take your time and get to learn the trail before sending it! As is the case with all freeride trails, it’s about learning the trails by riding them over and over again. The trail ends at the subdivision of Glenrosa on a Cul de Sac. Ride straight out from here and you will run right into Glenrosa Road and the white church. Drive back to the top to retrieve your vehicle and ride it again if you think you can!

Power’s Creek Trail is fully mapped so drop by your local shop to pick up a copy. It is on the same sheet as the Gillard network map.

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Point “B” is the lower Parking

Point “C” is the top parking/trail head.

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