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Knox Mtn Park

stu-knox-ap-09-1 Located at the end of Ellis St. just off on downtown Kelowna, Knox Mountain Park is a multi use municipal park. Users can access the park’s trails by driving to the first or second lookout up the paved access road (gate open summer months only), by climbing up the road itself or climbing singletrack. From the first lookout the main trail heads up beside the white access gate and meanders up to the top lookout. From the top parking/rest area trails head off up the final pitch to the top lookout and off the backside of the park behind the pavilion (down the steeper northwest face). These backside trails descend down into the Paul’s Tomb area of the park at lake level. Some of these are also walking trails so be aware of other trail users and always be courteous by stopping for hikers. There are some very technical trails off of this side as well so ride within your limits. These are the narrower single track trails that descend off of the hill above the Pavilion area. The trails off of the front of the mountain start at the top lookout with loops/descents heading off in most directions.

knoxdrop-apr-09 The main decent (also the climb I first mentioned from the first lookout) is a great, smooth, flowing trail and is able to be ridden by intermediate riders quite easily. The top section of the mountain has single track loops all over, many in the area by the kid’s playground (located just below the top parking area) and branching out onto the northeast side of the access road toward Magic Estates (housing develop at the top of the mountain) and Kathleen Lake. Spend some time up top exploring the various trails that head off of the roadway on both sides.

You can complete a full loop, climb and descent down the main front trail in about an hour and half at a moderate pace. Knox offers great rides right close to town that rewards you with amazing views of Kelowna and Lake Okanagan. Limited maps exist for these trails but most main trails are easily found. Visit The Friends of Knox Mountain website for a map of the main sanctioned trails: .


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