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Glenmore Highlands

This fragmented trail network ( ongoing development in the area) is located at the end of Granger Road in Kelowna as you head up the back side of Knox Mountain via Clifton Road. Turn right onto Granger about two thirds of the way up Clifton. Park by the gate, the trails head off to the left into the highlands area.

This trail network consists of flowing singletrack and wide double track paralleling Glenmore Road up on an upper series of ridge lines. Many of the trails branch out off of a central double track road. The trails are beginner to intermediate level with some difficult climbs on a few trails. This is one of the least technical trail networks around the city and is great for newer riders as none of the trails are overly rocky, steep or long.

You can ride the distance from Granger road to Union road and back in about an hour and fifteen minutes at a leisurely pace. No trail maps exist for this network, but navigation is made easy as Glenmore is visible below the ridge from many locations. Just stay of the upper trails as many off shoot trails decent into Glenmore.

Be aware that extensive development is taking place in the north end of this area between Union Road and Clifton Road therefore some trails have been removed, cut off or now enter onto developed lands. The trails closer to the south end of the highlands remain intact and are your best bet for good, uninterrupted ride.


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