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Before Every Ride

To ensure you enjoy your ride and lessen the chance of a trail breakdown you should…

  1. Lubricate your chain by applying the lube over the rear gears while backpedaling. Wipe any excess oil off the chain and any oil which may have sprayed onto any of the braking surfaces.
  2. Check your tires for excessive wear or damage and for proper pressure – top them up accordingly (40 to 60 lbs pressure).
  3. Carry an emergency tool kit, patch kit, water bottle, pump and first aid kit.
  4. Wear a helmet, appropriate eyewear, gloves and body armour if required.
  5. Give your bike a thorough check – check all quick releases, skewers and bolts for proper tightness, bent handlebar, seat post, fork, shock, etc.
  6. Have fun!
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